Midtown Bailbonds

Midtown Bail Bonds is proud to say that we are dedicated to providing quality bail bond services to a range of customers. We are proud to have the opportunity of serving thousands of clients that turn to Midtown Bail Bonds during their incarceration.  Our mission is to be focused, provide 100% customer satisfaction, and provide fast reliable and confidential bail services to our citizens during their time of unfortunate circumstances.
At Midtown Bail Bonds we understand bad things happen to good people, that's why no bond is too big or too small.

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Rucker Advertising

For years, Al Rucker has built strong brands such as Midtown Bail Bonds, Dolce Ultra Lounge & Bistro, and The Al Rucker Show, by using creative branding and marketing techniques. He created Rucker Advertising to share these effective techniques with you. Our agency specializing in branding, marketing, media buys, social media, graphic design, and websites. We can help you reach your target audience and assist in building a memorable brand.

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Al Rucker Productions

Al Rucker Productions is a Houston, Texas-based powerhouse that provides you with full services on your special event. From DJ Services to Live Entertainment, to Corporate events, and Catering, Al Rucker Productions is ready to amp up your event with an unforgettable full-blast experience.

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Al Rucker Foundation

Al Rucker Foundation, Inc. was founded in 2015 by businessman and entrepreneur Al Rucker, for the purpose of providing educational opportunities to underserved and underprivileged youth living in the Houston metro area. The Al Rucker Foundation mantra is that despite a person’s upbringing, environment or their circumstances, tools, resources and access to educational opportunities should be made available for all youth to have an equal opportunity to participate in the American Dream.

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Dolce Ultra Lounge & Bistro

Dolce Ultra Lounge & Bistro offers luxurious dining and entertainment with our premium cocktail lounge and multi-faceted event space. We offer you the opportunity to hold your next social celebration, whether it is a birthday party, bridal or baby shower or any cause for celebration, the atmosphere is sure to please! Our private event space comes with a spacious outdoor patio which occupies more than 100 people.

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Rucker University

Every CEO started at the bottom, from working their way into the room to staying in the room. Internship to employee; student to CEO. The Rucker University Entrepreneurship Course exits to provide students with the key elements and instruction necessary for an entrepreneur to expand beyond basic skills. Created and led by Al Rucker, the course follows a 10-week syllabus as students meet once a week via webinar.

There's always room for another entrepreneur in the world. In a world that turns more dreamers into millionaires every day, not everyone can get there without proper skills and the application of leadership qualities.

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