Midtown Bailbonds

At Midtown Bail Bonds, we understand that bad things happen to good people.

Dedicated to providing quality bail bond services for over a decade, our mission is to provide 100% customer satisfaction.  Our team ensures fast, reliable, and confidential bail services to our clients during their time of unfortunate circumstances.

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Al Rucker Productions

Based in Houston, TX, our full-service production team powerhouse is the one stop shop for all of your event needs.  From live entertainment productions to corporate events, Al Rucker Productions is ready to make your next event an unforgettable experience!

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Dolce Ultra Lounge & Bistro

Welcome to Dolce, a luxurious cocktail lounge and multifaceted event space that offers dining and live entertainment.   Whether an after work happy hour cocktail, or a weekend evening of laughter at one of our comedy shows, or perhaps an intimate evening for two at our R&B live mic nights, Dolce Ultra Lounge is the place to be for the grown and sexy.

Don’t forget to consider Dolce as your next venue of choice for your next celebration.  Whether a birthday party, bridal or baby shower, or whatever it is that you are wanting to celebrate, our luxurious indoor atmosphere and outdoor patio space are sure to please!

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Rucker Advertising

The success of Al Rucker Enterprises, which includes Dolce Ultra Lounge & Bistro, Midtown Bail Bonds, and the Al Rucker Radio show (to name a few), is largely attributed to strong brand recognition.  By understanding how to use creative marketing techniques, the Al Rucker brand is the epitome of brand marketing achievement.

A large percentage of a brand’s image is attributed to what it says and how it says it.  Rucker Advertising specializes in branding, marketing, web/graphic design, and social media amplification.  We can help you reach your target audience.

Let Rucker Advertising tell your story!

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Al Rucker Foundation

The Al Rucker Foundation was founded in 2015 by noted Houstonian Al Rucker for the purpose of providing educational opportunities to underprivileged youth living in the Houston metropolitan area. The Al Rucker Foundation mantra is despite one’s upbringing, environmental challenges or circumstances, one should be able to reach their full potential with the tools, resources, and access to educational opportunities to achieve their dreams.

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Rucker University

Every CEO started at the bottom, from working their way into the room to staying in the room. Internship to employee; student to CEO. The Rucker University Entrepreneurship Course exits to provide students with the key elements and instruction necessary for an entrepreneur to expand beyond basic skills. Created and led by Al Rucker, the course follows a 10-week syllabus as students meet once a week via webinar.

There's always room for another entrepreneur in the world. In a world that turns more dreamers into millionaires every day, not everyone can get there without proper skills and the application of leadership qualities.

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