Alfred Rucker - CEO, Mentor Entrepreneur

About Al Rucker

Al Rucker is a Houston-based entrepreneur who owns several businesses in the area including Midtown Bail Bonds, Dolce Ultra Lounge and Bistro, Dolce Cigars & Art Gallery, Dolce Catering and Rucker Advertising. He is also the host of The Al Rucker Show on Amazing 102.5 FM and is syndicated in over 20 markets.

Rucker started a majority of his businesses without having experience in those respective fields. After investing the time and effort to understand the inner workings of each industry, Rucker began to thrive. His motto? "I want people to see that anything is possible if you work hard and remain focused."

In 2015, Rucker was approached by KCOH, one of Houston's more established talk radio stations, to become the host of a weekly talk show. Although he had no prior experience in radio, Rucker jumped at the chance due to his strong belief that the platform could be used to encourage and entertain all listeners from various walks of life.

A year into hosting his show at KCOH, he transitioned to Amazing 102.5 FM and expanded his audience to greater numbers. Each week listeners will hear lively conversations with musicians, actors, politicians, community activists, entrepreneurs and others who have chosen the path of making an impact in their community through their respective field of choice.

Rucker is also the chairman and founder of The Al Rucker Foundation. The core mission of the foundation is to provide educational opportunities to minority youth in the Houston and surrounding areas.